World War 2 Army Ducks

Army Ducks

During your trip to the Rainforestation Nature Park, you will hear a lot about the iconic Army Ducks. You will have the chance to take a ride on these WWII vehicles and explore everything the Rainforestation has to offer.

During 1942-1945, over 21 thousand of these amphibious six-wheel-drive vehicles were produced. Designed to drive on land and with minimal effort able to drive across water, these vehicles were an asset to the U.S military. The Rainforestation Nature Park is lucky enough to own a number of these Ducks.

Within your Big Nature Package with the Rainforestation, one of your activities will include a tour around the park in one of these Ducks. During the 45-minute tour, your Duck captain will identify and explain fascinating plants and wildlife as you pass by. Your tour will also include a quick trip into the creek where you can witness the Duck in its prime.

These Army Ducks are iconic to the Rainforestation Nature Park and we offer our guests rides on them. If you would like to know more about these vehicles or would like to have a tour on them, contact us and we can organise it for you!