What have prisoners and koalas got in common?

Right! From the first point of view – nothing really! BUT let me tell you our story... Since 2002 the Lotus Glen Prison, located 14 kilometres south of Mareeba, and Rainforestation Nature Park, collaborating on a project to feed our cute Koalas at Rainforestation Nature Park in Kuranda, Cairns Zoom Dome and the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas. As part of their rehabilitation program, prisoners maintain our approximately 9000 eucalyptus trees by whipper snipping, monitoring insects, and ensuring the ground between the trees is in healthy conditions. Our team heads out for collection several times a week to guarantee the leaves are always fresh and tasty for the beloved koalas. This program deserves to be mentioned, and we are proud of having such a magnificent network. The prisoners learn practical horticultural skills and work ethic, which helps them integrate back into the community after leaving the prison. And our koalas – they love a good, tasty eucalyptus leave! Did you know that eucalyptus is poisonous to most animals? Koalas have a particular digesting organ that helps to detoxify the chemicals in the leaves. And they are fussy eaters, too. Only 50 out of roughly 700 eucalyptus species are to their like. Luckily, we have exactly those kinds in our eucalyptus tree plantation, and the Lotus Glen Prisoners are doing a terrific job keeping the trees vigorous.  

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