Rainforest Discovery Package

Rainforestation Nature Park

Rainforest & Indigenous Culture

For visitors to the Tropical North that want a good understanding of the World Heritage protected Wet Tropics Rainforests, this is the tour for you!

The Rainforest Discovery Package combines our popular Army Duck and Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout tours to provide an in-depth look at the world’s oldest living rainforest from two very different perspectives.

Board an authentic World War 2 amphibious 'Army Duck' and explore the lush rainforest on land and in water. Your Army Duck Captain will teach you about the history and science of the rainforest flora and fauna as you traverse through this fascinatingly diverse ecosystem.

Two Unique Rainforest Tours

The Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout offers an interactive exploration of the culture and traditions of the Pamagirri Indigenous people. Accompanied by a knowledgeable Pamagirri Guide, you will discover fascinating aspects such as spiritual transitions, totems, traditions, body painting, and more. Delve into the rainforest and learn how the world's oldest surviving culture interacted with this ancient ecosystem. Your Pamagirri Guide will be there to answer your questions about rainforest survival, bush tucker, remedies, traditional tools, and other intriguing topics.

Step aboard an authentic World War II Army Duck and embark on an extraordinary journey through the lush rainforest. Your experienced Army Duck Captain will share captivating insights into the history and science of the rainforest's flora and fauna as you traverse this remarkably diverse ecosystem. With the Army Duck Tour, you'll get a unique perspective of the rainforest, both on land and in water, making for an unforgettable adventure.

$50 per adult  |  $30 per child 

The Rainforest Discovery Package consists of two consecutive 45-minute experiences, starting on the hour from 10.00am daily. It's important to note that departing Rainforestation at 3.00pm allows ample time for visitors to catch the 3.30pm Kuranda Scenic Railway train back to Cairns. Additionally, Shuttle Services are currently available for convenience.

Tour Duration Time
Army Duck Tour
Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout
10am - 12pm
11am - 1pm
12pm - 2pm
1pm - 3pm

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