What is dragonfruit?

what is dragonfruit

You might have seen this bright pink, red or yellow flower-looking fruit around … but what is dragonfruit? Is it a flower or a fruit? Can you eat it?

The answer is – yes, you can eat it! You can also taste some at our Tropical Treats Fruit Orchard, when its in season.

Also known as pitaya, or by its botanical name, Hylocereus undatus, it is found off several cactus species.

The colour of the fruit can vary – sometimes you might find a bright red fruit, and others can be bright yellow. The flesh is either white or red, with a large number of small, black, edible seeds scattered throughout.

The flavour is a bit sweet, but some people think it’s a bit bland on its own. It can be especially delicious served on/with ice cream, or even turned into ice cream!

The fruit is a bit funny looking, but it’s easy to get to the good bits inside. You can cut it length-wise and scoop out the flesh from inside, or you can cut it into quarters and bite into it like an orange.

There’s lots of information about how good dragonfruit are for you, but the golden rule (like anything!) is moderation.