Swamp Wallabies

swamp wallabies

We have some very cute swamp wallabies here at Rainforestation Nature Park – just like this little guy in the photo! You can find them in the Koala & Wildlife Park, and they are pretty friendly – so make sure you get some food from the Ticket Office to handfeed them!

They are most commonly known as the Swamp Wallaby, but sometimes they have been referred to as a Black Wallaby.

You can tell them by their dark brown fur, with lighter coloured patches on their bellies, chests, and bottom of the ears.

They are bigger than an Agile Wallaby, but smaller than a kangaroo, ranging from 66cm-85cm.

You can find them in eastern Australia, specifically in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, and the south-eastern part of South Australia. They also in New Zealand, although they were an introduced species there.

You’ll need to look hard to find them though – they prefer to hide in thick forest undergrowth.

In the wild, they feed on a variety of plants including shrubs, grasses and ferns.