Rainforestation welcomes 3 baby joeys

koala joeys

Spring has definitely arrived at Rainforestation Nature Park, as staff celebrate the emergence of the first of several koala joeys in their Koala nursery.

Three of the park’s koalas, Kiah, Tim Tam and Clover, all have joeys, each at various stages of development.

Kiah’s male joey, the oldest, was born on Christmas Day last year and visitors to the park can expect to see him on Kiah’s back as he learns to fend for himself over the next few months.


Meanwhile, Tim Tam’s joey, a female, is expected to be the next out of the pouch, followed by Clover’s joey in a couple of months.

Rainforestation Nature Park Manager Chris Grantham said the koala joeys were delighting staff and visitors alike.

“The first joey to come out of the pouch has us all very excited, and he’s already very brave and adventurous, showing off for the cameras,” he said.

“The second joey has started to make a couple of appearances – she has been sticking her head and leg out of the pouch, and we’re expecting her to come out completely very soon.”