Pamagirri Bush Tucka Walk

Bush Tucka Walk

One of the newer experiences at the Rainforestation is the Bush Tucka Walk. “Bush tucka” (or bushfood) traditionally refers to any fauna or flora native to Australia that has been used as sustenance for culinary and/or medicinal purposes by Aborigines for over an estimated 60,000 years.

Our Bush Tucka Walk takes place in and around the natural rainforest of Rainforestation Nature Park. Your experience incorporates Aboriginal culture and education on the various plants and fruits. First up on the tour, your Pamagirri guide will explain some of the history, cultures and customs of the local tribes and people. Following this, you will enter the rainforest with your guide and learn about the different plants and fruits, traditionally used as medicines and food.

The knowledge your Bush Tucka Guide passes onto you is fascinating. Throughout the walk, your guide will point out various calendar plants and the importance of them. For example, the flowering of some plants means that an animal might be fat and ready for eating. The flowering of some plants also indicates to the tribes that it is time to move towards the coast for the season.

Your guide will encourage you to use your senses throughout the walk. You will use your sense of touch, sight, smell, taste to appreciate the natural bushland and rainforest. The Bush Tucka Walk is suitable for people of all ages, however it is on a non-level track through the rainforest. There are also steps involved in the walks, so moderate fitness and sturdy shoes are recommended.

Experience the Aboriginal Culture first hand

Up to 20 pax per group is allowed, and prior booking is essential.

Update (2019): Please note: the Pamagirri Bush Tucka Walk has since re-branded to the Pamagirri Rainforest Walkabout.