Our Authentic Aboriginal Artwork

genuine indigenous artwork hand painted boomerangs at rainforestation kuranda
Looking to buy Authentic Aboriginal artwork in Cairns? Whether you're looking for that perfect gift, or you're a local looking for a statement piece for your home, Rainforestation's Authentic aboriginal artwork has you covered! Our gallery features all authentic artwork with unique paintings and designs from local artists that make up the Pamagirri Cultural Centre.

Buy Authentic Aboriginal Artwork In Cairns

The Pamagirri Gallery

buy genuine aboriginal art at pamagirri gallery rainforestation kuranda Established in 2018, the Pamagirri Gallery features a range of hand crafted authentic Aboriginal artworks. Guests can browse a range of boomerangs, emu callers, didgeridoos and more, all of which are painted with intricate designs depicting various aspects of Indigenous culture. Popular artworks include animals of the region, including eels, fish, platypus and snakes. Many of the Pamagirri artists are inspired by their tribal ancestors and many of them demonstrate art and woodwork skills that have been passed down to them through generations. All of the artworks have been hand-crafted by Indigenous craftsmen and is hand-painted by our Pamagirri guides and finished to show off the impressive woodwork and artwork skills. Our Indigenous artists also work on-site as Pamagirri guides and dancers, further educating customers from around the world about their fascinating culture. authentic aboriginal artwork hand painted boomerangs at rainforestation kuranda Some of our most popular artworks include plywood boomerangs, which are made by William Enoch senior, who originally began the Pamagirri experience in 1993. All of the boomerangs are painted by our Pamagirri guides.

3D Painting

The Pamagirri Gallery is also home to an incredible 3d painting that depicts the totems of all of our Pamagirri Guides around the central feature of a silent snake (Pamagirri). The artwork was painted by contemporary aboriginal artist Chern'ee Sutton, whose paintings have graced the walls of Buckingham Palace and Parliament House. The totems of our Pamagirri Guides are as follows: Freshwater Turtle, Grasshopper, Cassowary, Saltwater, Stingray, Star, Echidna, Red Kangaroo, Cloud, Tribal Land, Fire Red Belly Black Snake, Emu, Rain, Snake, Crocodile, Night Owl, Sea Hawk, Wind, White Cockatoo, Sacred Water. Browse our range of authentic Indigenous artworks in Rainforestation's Pamagirri Gallery on your next visit.  

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