Kiah the Koala’s mating call

Kiah the Koala

What are normally sleepy creatures during the day, our koalas were energetic as soon as cameras were pulled out! In the video beloew, you can hear Kiah the koala making a unique vocal sound. This sound is very distinctive and used as the koala’s mating call, or communicating to other koalas. Especially to those who are entering into their territory. In this case, we were conducting our routine oestrous checks with our female koalas as part of our Koala IVF program. This is the noise they like to share with us!

Usually quiet and shy creatures, koalas are nocturnal, meaning they spend most of their day sleeping. During the night is when you will get to witness these majestic creatures in action. Their diet mostly consists of eucalyptus leaves, which in turn does not supply the koala with much nutritional value. During the day is when they digest these leaves, building up their energy for the night.

Koala IVF Program

The koala IVF program with the Rainforestation Nature Park is just one of the three wildlife parks within The CaPTA Group that undertake this. The official partnership includes The Cairns ZOOM & Wildlife Dome, Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas and Rainforestation Nature Park Kuranda.

The use of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), with sperm transfers from wild male koalas into the captive population, will contribute towards saving our koalas. The breeding program allows us to breed koalas for future wild release on the Tablelands, which will increase the population of healthy, wild koalas around the region. You can read more about the IVF program here.

As previously mentioned, three of the nature parks owned by The CaPTA Group are undertaking this IVF program. Be sure to ask our friendly team and any of the parks for more information about the program.


Behind the scenes with Kiah the koala! This is the noise she makes when she needs a belly rub from Wildlife Keeper Kate ??Well …. not quite! Female koalas make this noise when they're in season or when communicating with other koalas in their territory. In this case, we have been doing our regular oestrous checks with our female koalas as part of our Koala IVF program, and this is the noise they like to share with us!

Posted by Rainforestation on Monday, 13 February 2017