Bush Tucka Walk

bush tucka

“Bush tucka” (or bushfood) traditionally refers to any fauna or flora native to Australia that has been used as sustenance for culinary and/or medicinal purposes by Aborigines for over an estimated 60,000 years.

Our Bush Tucka Walk is an interactive, educational experience, teaching our guests about the traditional bush foods and medicines that have been used in our region for many, many years.

Following an introductory welcome with smoking blessing around a fire, your Pamagirri Aboriginal Guide will lead you on a journey through the rainforest and bush.

You will learn about plants, fruits and berries and how they were traditionally used – you might even get to taste some, depending on the season!

Your guide will teach you about the traditional Aboriginal huts (gunyas), including how they were constructed and used as a shelter.

You will also learn about indigenous artefacts such as stone axes and hook boomerangs, and how they were assembled from rainforest materials and used to extract bush tucker.

If you are looking for an authentic Aboriginal experience, the Bush Tucka Walk is not to be missed.