Building an enclosure

building an enclosure
If you visited our Koala & Wildlife Park at any time over the last few months, you'll notice we've been building an enclosure! If you looked closely, you might have seen what animal will be making its new home in there ... Juliet the wombat! Building an enclosure can be a very in-depth and involved process. You can't just put up some fences and hope for the best! Firstly, there's lots of rules and regulations around sizing, which we must follow to ensure our animals have plenty of room. Where possible, we exceed these sizes - who wouldn't want a bigger home?! There's also several things we need to consider when building a wombat enclosure:
  • Is there shade?
  • Is there enough burrows underground?
  • Is there shelter from the elements?
  • Is there a place Juliet can go to get some quiet?
  • Is it safe?
  • Does it stop other animals getting in?
We think we've met the brief with our new wombat enclosure - but Juliet will be the best judge of that! If you're interested in building enclosures, did you know you can learn about it more when you study to become a Wildlife Keeper? Our sister company, Careers Training Centre, offers a Certificate III in Captive Animals - check it out! 

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