Our 40th Birthday Party!

birthday party

We recently celebrated our 40th birthday with a wonderful birthday party at our park! It was a magical evening, shared with friends, family and industry colleagues.

Over 250 guests attended the event, enjoying canapes and drinks during speeches in the Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Centre by Michael Woodward, on behalf of Charles Woodward (Chairman), and William Enoch-Tranby, Local Sales Executive and long-term Pamagirri Dance Troupe member.

History boards were also on display around the centre, with photographs and information from the last 40 years.

Guests were then treated to an Army Duck tour through the rainforest, with more historical anecdotes and information, before arriving in the front lake of the property where the commemorative 40th birthday fountain was unveiled for the first time.

Dinner was served by way of food stalls around the Outback Restaurant, followed by a magnificent cake in the shape of an Army Duck, and donuts off a custom-made donut wall.

We’ve included some photos below, but you can check out some more on our Facebook page.