Baby Sugar Gliders!

cute baby sugar glider at rainforestation cairns

Just when you thought Rainforestation’s brood of Aussie animals couldn’t get any cuter, we welcome baby Sugar Gliders!

Get your heart eyes at the ready as we introduce you to Rainforestation’s newest, and possibly cutest ever, residents: three Sugar Glilder Joeys!

Like many good things, these fluffy little marsupials came in three, with two separate litters from two marsupial mothers.

baby sugar glider at rainforestation nature park kuranda

The first little Sugar Glider, a female, is literally the sweetest looking little creature we have ever seen! The four month old cutie has a unique dark coat and grey colouring that makes her stand out from many other Sugar Gliders in our colony.

Although she looks like butter wouldn’t melt, our head wildlife keeper Kate warns us that Sugar Gliders can be quite savage when they grow up.

She says:

“They’re also not quite as innocent as they appear – they may be cute now, but as adults, they can be quite savage with their gnarly teeth!”

baby sugar glider and mum sugar glider rainforestation kuranda

Our wildlife keepers were surprised to find two more Sugar Glider Joeys in the enclosure, who had managed to go unnoticed until recently. Clinging to their mother’s back, these little Sugar Gliders camouflaged seamlessly into their mother’s fur. That is, until they were finally spotted by our wildlife keeper Jules.

These younger gliders are around three months old and due to their age, our keepers are unable to determine their genders.

See the adorable pair in the Win News Broadcast below:

With the pitter patter of so many tiny paws, it looks like Spring is well and truly underway. However, our Wildlife Keepers are looking at ways to stop future inbreeding within the Sugar Glider colony.

In the future, some of our adult sugar gliders may be swapped with gliders from other parks to widen our gene pool.

Looking for a cute fix? Come and meet our baby Sugar Gliders!