Agile Wallabies

agile wallabies

We have plenty of agile wallabies up here at Rainforestation, so we thought we’d tell you a little more about them!

Their scientific name is Macropus agilis, and they are also known as the sandy wallaby.

They are often found in northern Australia and New Guinea. In fact, it’s the most common wallaby in Australia’s north!

The agile wallaby is a sandy colour on top, and are more pale underneath.

They are sometimes solitary and at other times sociable … just like humans!

They graze on grasses and other plants.

Male agile wallabies are considerably larger than females. Their head and body length can be up to 85 cm (33 in) and they can weigh 16 to 27 kg (35 to 60 lb).

In comparison, the females grow to 72 cm (28 in) in length and weigh 9 to 15 kg (20 to 33 lb).

Both genders have long and flexible tails, which means their total length is double the head and body length.

Their ears are quite large, edged in black, and they also have some black at the end of their tail. 

Our agile wallabies are very friendly, and will eat food right out of your hands … they might even steal your bag of roo food if you’re not looking!