Pamagirri Gallery & Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The Pamagirri Cultural Centre is at the hub of our authentic Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience. Step into the world’s oldest living culture and discover Indigenous art, wall murals, authentic artefacts and information about traditional dwellings.

The Cultural Centre is the home to parts of our Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience and your journey into Indigenous culture starts here.

The Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Centre is connected to the Rainforest Amphitheatre with a 130 metre covered walkway themed on the Rainbow Serpent, the Aboriginal creator of all the mountains, valleys and rivers. The walkway is decorated with figures from the Dreamtime.

The Pamagirri Gallery

The Pamagirri Gallery displays and sells authentic Aboriginal artwork and artefacts by local hand-crafted by local Indigenous craftsmen and hand-painted on-site by our Pamagirri guides. Each piece demonstrates traditional art and woodworking techniques that have been passed down through generations. 

Browse a range of hand crafted emu callers, didgeridoos, boomerangs and canvases and purchase a piece of authentic Indigenous artwork to take home with you!

Some artworks and artefacts are produced on-site by our Pamagirri Guides, who also work in our Dreamtime Walk . Artefacts that cannot be made on site or cannot be sourced locally are sourced from other Indigenous communities throughout Australia and are hand-painted by our Pamagirri Guides on site.

The Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Centre is the departure point for our Aborginal Dreamtime Walk, which is part of the award-winning Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience.

Be blown away by an epic didgeridoo performance and learn what this iconic Aboriginal artefact is used for. Be educated on authentic Aboriginal hunting techniques with a spear throwing presentation and boomerang throwing lesson. Then learn how to throw a boomerang yourself!

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Pamagirri Aboriginal Cultural Centre