Complete Aboriginal Culture Experience

Learning about the Aboriginal Culture is definitely something that needs to be on your list of things to do when traveling to Australia. The Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience at the Rainforestation Nature Park is unforgettable. Follow your Pamagirri Guide along the Dreamtime Walk down the Rainbow Serpent pathway. Along your journey, learn about the Aboriginal Culture and participate in cultural activities.

Boomerang Aboriginal Culture Experience

One your stops along the Dreamtime Walk is the Boomerang throwing. Gather around in a hut whilst your Pamagirri Guide explains the cultural history behind the iconic boomerang. After a quick history brief and watching your guide throw them, why not try yourself? One at a time have a couple of throws into the open area and see if your boomerang can come back to you! After a few attempts you really understand the skill it takes to use these as good as our guides can.

Aboriginal Culture Dance Performance

Also included in your tour is the Aboriginal Culture Dance Performance. Sit back and relax while our guides put on a remarkable show for you. The performance depicts aspects of indigenous culture including animals, food gathering and hunting. The energetic performance will leave you wanting more, and even more educated about the remarkable culture. At the end of the show, our guides randomly pick a number of people from the crowd to join them on stage with their dances. So if you feel confident, jump on stage and join in!

Spear Throwing and Digeridoo Aboriginal Culture Experience

The third aspect of the Pamagirri Aboriginal Culture Experience is the spear throwing and digeridoo playing. Spear throwing is an art, and just like anything, requires great skill. Circle around and listen to the guides explain the uses of the spears and how they have been used throughout the culture. After a brief introduction, watch the guides throw the spears both by hand and with a woomera. Music and dance is imbedded into the aboriginal culture, and you get to witness this first hand during your tour. In the midst of traditional aboriginal dwellings, your guide will explain how didgeridoos are made and used in ceremonies, and then reveal the techniques used to play this haunting ancient instrument by imitating the noises of Australian animals. Pay close attention and see if you can hear the sounds imitating Kangaroos and the Kookaburra!

Army Duck Aboriginal Culture Experience

The final part of your Pamagirri Aboriginal Culture Experience is the Army Duck Tours. The World War II amphibious vehicle takes you on a 45 minute tour around the Rainforestation Nature Park showcasing various wildlife. During your tour, your guide will explain many plants, foods and shelters that the aboriginal culture have use for many years.

Rainforestation Nature Park has a unique and unforgettable Aboriginal Culture Experience. Come join us and let us educate you on the history of Australia and even join with the various activities at the Rainforestation Nature Park Dreamtime Walk.

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