Behind the Scenes Wildlife Tour

behind the scenes wildlife

At Rainforestation, we let you get pretty close to our animals (kangaroo selfie, anyone?) but the best way to learn about our wildlife is with a Behind the Scenes Wildlife Tour.

You’ll have your very own Wildlife Guide escorting you around the park, answering your questions and showing you how we look after the range of animals that call our park home.

The tour includes a 5 minute welcome and then presentations of the following activities:

  • Explain medical treatment / vet visits / injured animal care
  • Visit the Food Preparation Room and Quarantine Area
  • Prepare leaf for koalas and enter the enclosure at feeding time
  • Perform wildlife keeper duties with a wildlife guide
  • Snake feeding, lizard feeding, kangaroo enclosure cleaning

Important Information:

  • Our Wildlife Keepers are available from 14:00 daily for the tour
  • Tour duration is approximately 45 minutes
  • Pre-bookings are essential – minimum group of 10 required

To all our wonderful visitors, supporters, and followers past and future, we are required to follow government regulations and stop operation until further notice due to COVID-19. Our animals will continue to be cared for during this time by our wonderful wildlife staff. It is sad to have to pen this after over 40 years of operation, however we will get through this together and look forward to reopening and welcoming you all back in when possible. We will keep you posted, please be patient as we work through this.

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