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Our philosophy

Rainforestation has established a solid and credible reputation as a leading tourist attraction since 1976, focusing on sustainable practices. Our Army Duck Rainforest Tour, Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience, Rainforest Walkabout and Koala and Wildlife Park are accredited through Ecotourism and Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certifications. The park keeps the environmental impact to a minimum and contributes to the protection of wildlife and nature. The integration of the community and cooperation with local businesses is an integral part of the business structure. Internally, the employees share the same mindset towards sustainability, which is externally communicated with the customers through interpretational and educational activities.


Sustainable and responsible treatment of our natural resources is fundamental



  • We do have a recycling management plan implemented
  • Plastic straws are banned from our restaurant
  • We recycle water through a bio-cycle system that handles up to 12.500 litres per day
  • The filtration of water into an advanced secondary treatment irrigates the Rainforestation, Butterfly Sanctuary and a plantation area to develop the rainforest
  • Our vermiculture worm farm breaks down kitchen waste which gets recycled back into the garden
  • The leftover koala leaf is recycled and mulched for our gardens


Treatment of resources

  • We save water usage where we can – our water tabs turn off automatically, and we have implemented vertical drainpipes from restaurant gutters to water hanging baskets
  • An oil separator is used to separate oil from water each time the workshop floor is washed – this procedure ensures that only water passes through our drains and the oil is stored in separate drums for collection and recycling
  • We reduce our waste where we can


Our wildlife

  • We contribute to the protection of flora and fauna and rive regularly through the rainforest to inspect the environment
  • We installed bird boxes in our fruit orchard
  • The avoidance of chemical fertiliser protects the environment – we use worm farm produce instead
  • We detect potential insured animals and transfer them to TARC at the Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas
  • Our interpretational and educational tours help our customers to understand better the environment we live in


Recognising and combating climate change and its impacts

  • We have implemented 231 solar power panels, which monitors the amount of CO2 avoided
  • Tree planting is an ongoing program embarked upon by schools, corporate and community groups worldwide
  • The tree-planting program is supported by a local nursery supplying the seedlings
  • Our employees are encouraged to carpool, and partially transport options are offered for collective pick-ups and drop-offs



Eco Sustainability Tour— Join the green side!

Rainforestation Nature Park promotes activities, which can be the first step for environmental conservation

Join us on a tour behind the scenes for a glimpse of our initiatives in place for:

  • Saving energy and minimising water usage;
  • Sustaining non-renewable resources;
  • Recycling;
  • Minimising the impact on our Wet Tropics environment;
  • Protecting and preserving our native wildlife.

*Available for pre-booked groups only



Our visitors are valuable and deserve a high-quality experience

  • We ensure an authentic experience – the weather conditions make the visitors experience the tropical climate
  • Fresh fruit from the orchard is available for purchase
  • The park can be enjoyed in all weather conditions without impacting the quality of the experience – in the case of rain, all attractions are equipped with rain covers
  • Our employees provide interpretational and educational experiences and tours
  • Our staff is multi-language skilled and ensures a comfortable experience for all visitors from around the globe
  • We track our visitors’ experience and actively engage with them in feedback discussions to improve our performance and also run a 24-hour complaint response policy (via email)
  • We encourage visitors to leave feedback on social media
  • The park is available for functions, such as weddings or business events
  • We are the only operator in the region offering the experience of throwing a boomerang – it is a unique opportunity!
  • We have incorporated authentic Indigenous dance shows into our Pamagirri experience


Support of our community and other local businesses in the Cairns region

  • We offer educational and interpretational programs for school groups
  • Locals enjoy a 20% discount rate
  • Our annual pass provides unlimited entry for our four parks for an entire year
  • We work together with Skyrail, Queensland Rail and Downunder Tours
  • Our domestic and international volunteering programs offer young people the opportunity of a first-hand experience
  • We regularly donate to the Cairns Organisation United for Cancer Health (
  • We support local community groups and football teams
  • Our focus lies on locally owned, operated, and sustainable business partners and Australian made souvenirs
  • The boomerangs in our shop and other souvenirs are mostly handmade and Australian made, created and decorated by our Pamagirri staff



Decent employment opportunities and quality education

  • We offer stable employment and (re-)training opportunities for the local community
  • Indigenous employment is actively encouraged and desired
  • Our training centre provides multiple accredited training courses in the hospitality and tourism sector
  • CaPTA developed and implemented an Indigenous Employment Strategy in 2008 to increase employment for local Indigenous people
  • We work together with the Lotus Glen Prison and offer our eucalyptus trees being part of their rehabilitation program
  • The local firefighter brigade uses our park and workshop for their training


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