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Rainforestation Nature Park is a leader in Cairns eco tourism. It has established a very strong and credible reputation as a leading tourist attraction since 1976 with a strong focus on ecotourism and sustainability which aims to include and benefit local communicates as well as protecting the environment.

Did you know…

  • Seasonal tropical exotic fruit is available for purchase, picked fresh from the orchard.
  • Eucalyptus leaves for our koala colony are grown on a plantation at Lotus Glen Prison and farmed by the prisoners as part of a rehabilitation project.  The leftover koala leaf is then recycled and mulched for the gardens at Rainforestation.

Our Army Duck Rainforest Tour, Pamagirri Aboriginal Experience, Bush Tucka Walk and Koala and Wildlife Park are accredited through Ecotourism and Respecting Our Culture (ROC) Certifications.

Environmental commitments in practice

  • Our biocycle waste treatment plant uses controlled natural processes to purify waste water for recycling.  We are 100% self-sufficient in water sustainability.
  • Tree planting is an ongoing program embarked upon by schools, corporate and community groups from around the globe.  A name plaque for each group is mounted on an honour board in appreciation of this contribution.
  • We have established a vermiculture worm farm to reduce the amount of garbage going into landfills while returning vital organic material to the soil.
  • An oil separator is used to separate oil from water each time the workshop floor is washed.  This procedure ensures that only water passes through our drains.  The oil is stored in separate drums for collection and recycling.
  • 231 solar power panels reduce the overall cost of electricity and monitors the amount of CO2 avoided.
  • Implementation of vertical drain pipes from restaurant gutters to water hanging baskets.
  • Plastic straws banned from restaurants.
  • Greystone Paddock Vacuum used to clean up kangaroo excrement. Excrement recycled and used as fertiliser.

Eco Sustainability Tour— Join the green side!

Rainforestation Nature Park promotes activities which can be the first step for environmental conservation.

Join us on a tour behind the scenes for a glimpse of our initiatives in place for:

  • Saving energy and minimising water usage;
  • Sustaining non-renewable resources;
  • Recycling;
  • Minimising the impact on our Wet Tropics environment;
  • Protecting and preserving our native wildlife.

*Available for pre-booked groups only

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