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In 1996, an exciting new attraction was added to Rainforestation Nature Park– the Koala and Wildlife Park, allowing visitors to experience another facet of Australia. Wander at your leisure or join a guided group with our experienced Wildlife Keepers. A series of elevated boardwalks provide close-up uninterrupted views of the Australian animals and reptiles, including species such as:

Salt water (Estuarine) Crocodile
Fresh water Crocodile
Spotted-tail (Tiger) Quoll

Handfeed the free roaming kangaroos and wallabies in the landscaped gardens, observe the carnivorous tiger quoll, and the endangered cassowary, see wombats and lace monitors, and view local snakes and other reptiles.

The guided tours of the Wildlife Park provide an indepth summary of all of the animal species, and describe the quirky traits of the individual animals themselves. Get up close and personal with some of the non-venomous reptiles

After your tour of the Koala and Wildlife Park, you can have your photo taken holding Australia's sleepiest marsupial; the koala, or holding a small fresh water crocodile (optional extra).

All safety precautions are taken with these deadly crocodiles; and by that we mean "electrical tape" to keep their jaws closed !

Crocodiles have highly impressive jaw closing pressure, up to 3000psi, and you shouldn’t underestimate the bite pressure of a juvenile (don’t let their size fool you). However, despite their extraordinary closing power, crocodiles do not have much power for opening. In fact rubber bands, and electrical tape have been used many times to hold even large crocodiles' jaws closed.

The star attraction of our Wildlife Park is “Jack the Ripper”, a 5 metre saltwater crocodile weighing at 650kgs with a reputation of killing 12 of his girlfriends in times gone by. Jack is kept in his own enclosure with an elevated platform perfect for your safe and closeup viewing.

On the other side of Jack is our fresh water enclosure where a bask of juvenile crocodiles, turtles and lizards sun themselves and casually swim around


KOALA AND WILDLIFE PARK - OPENING TIMES: 9am – 4pm, with talks and demonstrations throughout the day.